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California's Birthers

I LOVE THIS STATE! Really, I do.

It is a complete fiscal mess, yet it has more venture capital than anywhere else. We have too much traffic, not enough water; the Silicon Valley and the Silicone Valley (porn capital in Chatsworth); some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and some of the dirtiest air. We are eternally optimistic but incapable of fixing our broken political system. We bring tears and laughter to the world with our entertainment, and tears and laughter to ourselves with our driving habits.

What's not to love? ?

But there may be a revolution brewing. ?

Many of you assume that California is full of liberals, even though the Golden State produced Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Prop 13. Those were the old days, right? Progressives rule the day and the mood in 2010, right? Ok, so Prop 8, which bans same-sex marriage, passed, but that won't last, right?

Let me draw your attention to the latest Field Poll. Here's the first surprise: one in three Californians isn't convinced that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Eleven percent of those polled believe he definitely was not born here, while 22 percent aren't sure. This, in California.

Also in the poll, 28 percent of those surveyed identify with the Tea Party movement against perceived government spending. Of that number, 16 percent somewhat identify with Tea Partyers, while 12 percent identify with that movement a lot.

Again, in California.

If these numbers hold, they could have strong implications in the upcoming Governor's race, which will most likely pit former Governor Jerry Brown against either former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman or current Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. The candidate who can tap into feelings of distrust and disgust may be the candidate who wins.

And then what?

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