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Correction Has Already Begun: Portfolio Manager

Stocks opened lower on Tuesday on China's bank-loan tightening, but a report of rising confidence helped take the edge off. Are the markets already in a correction? David Goerz, chief investment officer at Highmark Capital, and Sarat Sethi, partner and portfolio manager at Douglas C. Lane & Associates, shared their market outlooks.

Market Edge

“Once we get to the end of this week, we’re probably looking at 4 to 5 percent GDP report for the fourth quarter,” Goerz told CNBC.

“As we look forward, we think it should be about earnings…We think it is a very strong backdrop for U.S. growth during 2010 going into 2011.”

Goerz said investors should not worry about a W-shape recovery.

“As we come out of this, there will be political risk, but we’re probably are in a gridlock between here and November for now,” he said. “There will be some volatility, but we want our customers to re-engage with the stock market.”

In the meantime, Sethi said markets are in the middle of a correcting period.

“Over the next couple of month, the markets aren’t going to go anywhere,” he said. He counseled patience: “Within the market is where you have the opportunities.”

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