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Market Tips: Shorting the Yen Is Top Trade

Global stocks were lower on Tuesday after Standard & Poor's cut its rating outlook on Japan and China implemented a clampdown on lending, hitting investor confidence about a global recovery.

But experts maintain that there are still investment opportunities in Asia, excluding Japan, and shorting the yen may be the best trade of the year.

Short the Yen

Short the yen against Asian currencies like the Korean won and Indian rupee, suggests Thomas Harr, senior FX strategist at Standard Chartered. He tells CNBC why this is his top trade of the year.

Buy Yen, Short Euro-Yen

If Apple shares fall, buy the yen and short the euro against the yen, says Ed Ponsi, president at

Time to Adopt a More Balanced Approach

It's time to move away from the more cyclical sectors and adopt a more balanced approach, says Daphne Roth, Asia head equity research at ABN Amro. She sheds more light on her investment strategy, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth."

All Rosy on US Earnings Front?

So far, the earnings news out of the U.S. has been good but don't forget, the hurdle was reduced, notes Jack Caffrey, chief U.S. equity strategist at JP Morgan Private Bank.

Eye on US Earnings

Earnings will be the most important thing for the U.S. markets in the intermediate term, says Jack Caffrey, chief U.S. equity strategist at JP Morgan Private Bank. He assesses the other factors investors are keeping an eye on.

Driving Investors to Gold

Uncertainty in the U.S. will drive investors from the dollar to gold, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix, New York.

Shorting Opportunities in Corporate Bonds

There are shorting opportunities in corporate bond markets, says Suzanne Murphy, head of strategic development at Claren Road Asset Managment.

Anxiety Returns to Markets

Anxiety is returning back to markets, according to Dean Curnutt, president at Macro Risk Advisors when talking about the volatility index.

Bet on Asian Equities

Asian equities will offer returns this year, believes Simon Godfrey, investment specialist at Fortis Investments. But he warns CNBC that investors need to brace for more volatility ahead.

Deflation a Risk for Japan's Stocks

Deflation is the biggest risk for Japanese equities, says Susumu Kato, managing director and chief economist at Calyon Capital Markets.

China Too Risky, Bet on Indo, Sri Lanka Instead

Sri Lanka and Indonesia are better long-term investment bets than China, as there are too many structural risks there, according to Roman Scott, MD at Calamander Capital.