Heard in Davos 2010: Dispatches from the Conference

Bragging Rights

Davos is hot.

I mean figuratively, of course. Literally it's below zero here. But Davos isn't the hottest show around. At least, not anymore.

Those bragging rights belong to the Clinton Global Initiative, which, according to a new survey from Weber Shandwick, was the most popular summit for CEOs in 2009.

That's a quick rise to prominence for an upstart philanthropic summit. The CGI, which is held every September in New York, started just five years ago.

But former President Clinton lures CEOs with his gravitas, star power and close personal involvement in the CGI. Not to mention a reputation for getting concrete results with his charitable drives.

The World Economic Forum, which is pushing 40 years of age, tumbled from the No. 1 spot all the way to No. 4 on the list of most popular for C-Suite types last year.

Part of WEF's decline in stature is because of timing. Last year's conference took place in the midst of the global economic meltdown. It's tough for a CEO to look like he's minding shop when he photographed mingling in the Swiss Alps.

We'll see if WEF fares better this year in a post-crash environment.