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How Controversial Is The Tebow Ad?

Tim Tebow
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There's been much ado about the Tim Tebow adthat is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl.

What we know is that the ad was paid for by an organization called Focus on the Family. During the ad, Tebow and his mother, who was told by doctors to abort her fetus as they feared for her own life during her pregnancy, will likely talk about the pro-life decision that she made.

Activist organizations, including the National Organization of Women, have protested the fact that CBS could have approved such an ad, speculating that it also has an anti-abortion message as well.

But Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger told me that there are wrong assumptions being made.

"We're not talking about the details or exactly what the ad says," Schneeberger said. "But it's not anti-anything. It's very pro-family and it's an inspirational, aspirational and hopeful ad. People who see it will see a mother and child who demonstratively love one another."

Schneeberger said that he's heard plenty of "accusations, assumptions and allegations," but that "it's nothing at all about what those folks have been saying."

Schneeberger had not previously disclosed this fact, but he did tell me that Tim Tebow does indeed have a speaking role in the 30-second spot.

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