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Aetna CEO: Repealing Insurer Antitrust Exemption Won't Aid  Health-Care Fix

Calls to repeal insurer's antitrust exemption won't help fix the nation's health care system, says Ronald Williams, chairman and chief executive of health insurer Aetna .

Aetna CEO on Health Care Reform

"It will not make health care more accessible. And it will not make health care more affordable for consumers," Williams told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Thursday. "I would just encourage people to get back to bipartisan collaboration and we'd be glad to work with the Congress in any way we can."

"We want to see reform that does two things, brings more people into the system and helps health care be more affordable for everyone.," he added.

When asked if he felt the company was being demonized by the Obama administration, Williams answered: "We do get questions from our 35,000 employees...who do wonder about some of the name calling."

In his State of the Union address Wednesday night, President Obama told the nation that he would forge ahead with a sweeping health-care reform bill, even though it appears stalled in Congress.