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Alleged Ponzi Schemer's Daughter Forced Out of Condo

The daughter of indicted billionaire Allen Stanford has agreed to move out of her Houston condominium so it can be sold, with the proceeds going to Stanford's alleged victims.

The court-appointed receiver in the case, Dallas attorney Ralph Janvey, had been trying for months to evict Randi Stanford, 26, who shares the million-dollar condo with her mother — Stanford's estranged wife Susan.

Janvey argued the condo was purchased with proceeds from Allen Stanford's alleged fraud, which Randi Stanford denied. But now, Janvey says she has agreed to vacate the condo by March 31.

The agreement comes one day after Janvey produced a forensic accountant's report showing Allen Stanford paid for the condo directly out of his personal account at the Bank of Antigua in 2006 — with a wire transfer of approximately $1.3 million.