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February 2010 Earnings To Watch

With the economy on the mend, the next few earnings seasons are set to give investors a good perspective on the trajectory of the overall economy, and individual company reports can do the same for specific segments of the market.

As earnings season comes to its midway point, Cramer has put together a list of 20 February 2010 earnings reports to watch; suggesting that if you pay close attention to these companies, you'll get a good handle on both the sector they represent and the overall health of the economy.

Keep in mind that Cramer is not specifically recommending these stocks. Instead, he is suggesting them as individual barometers - stocks whose earnings reports should guide your overall investment strategy - and give you an idea of where the rest of the pack is headed. And remember, if you missed the earnings, go back and listen to the conference call on the company's website. Cramer believes those calls can reveal hidden nuggets about a sector, or possible profits from pin action.

So, what are the most important earnings reports to watch, according to Cramer? Click ahead to find out!

Posted 29 Jan 2010