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Bank Values Have Rebounded 'Dramatically': Brand Expert staff

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, how are the brand values of the world’s major banks holding up? The latest report from independent consulting firm Brand Finance sounds an optimistic note — especially for HSBC, which has retained the top spot for the third year in a row. David Haigh, chief executive of Brand Finance, shared his findings with CNBC.

HSBC Still Top Bank Brand

“Media coverage has totally gotten the picture wrong,” Haigh said.

“Globally, many banks have not suffered—it’s largely an American and European factor and many of the bad ones are gone.”

Haigh said many of the banks’ brand values have rebounded “dramatically” and trust has returned.

“One of the stars in our table is the Middle East,” he said. “Islamic banking and trust in Middle Eastern brands is growing very fast."

"We’re finding that as well in Malaysia and Indonesia,” he added.  

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BF Report Ranking — World’s Top Bank Brands:


2. Bank of America

3. Santander

4. Wells Fargo

5. Citi

6. BNP Paribas

7. Goldman Sachs

8. Chase

9. Bradesco

10. Barclays

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