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CBS Wins New Viewers for Grammys

Grammy Award Trophy
Source: Gabriel Bouys | AFP | Getty Images

While singers brought home plenty of awards from the Grammys last night, the biggest winner was CBS.

The network scored its highest ratings in six years — preliminary Nielsen ratings show a 35 percent increase in viewers to 25.8 million viewers.

This is particularly impressive, not just for a Grammys show, but it also far exceeds the 17 million people who tuned in for the Golden Globes.

This is great news for CBS.

It looks like music awards shows are coming into their heyday -- the most recent Tonys, Emmys and Country Music Awards all posted impressive percentage gains. The MTV Movie Awards added 78 percent from a year earlier and the BET Awards drew nearly 11 million viewers. It looks like pop, rock and hip hop stars are more popular than sports: The Grammys beat Game Four of the World Series.

The Grammys have been ramping up the number of flashy star-studded productions — and it's working. The blogosphere and Twitterverse is still buzzing about Pink's water show and Beyonce's high-energy performance. And then of course there were the unexpected duet pairings — Lady Gaga and Elton John and Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks. And Lady Gaga's outfit was so wild, who knows how much her costumes alone are responsible for a boost.

This bodes very well for the Oscars, which are coming up in March on ABC. Awards shows seem to be hitting the right note of entertainment and escapism. Nielsen's final numbers for the Grammys come in Tuesday morning. We'll see if they're even more impressive than these preliminary stats.

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