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Scott Brown Action Figure — The Cosmo Edition

The Scott Brown action figure

I was not surprised that someone has quickly made an action figure of Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown.

After all, he’s the “Scott heard round the world” who threw the Democratic Party into a tizzy with his surprise election victory.

HeroBuilders.comdidn’t waste any time in turning out a doll.

What did surprise me, however, is that there is also an “adults only Cosmo version” of the doll.

Anatomically correct.

Fig leaf included.

HeroBuilders has been very busy over the last year churning out varieties of political and media related action figures, from Sarah Palin (“The Sarah Palin School Girl” doll kinda creeps me out) to Anderson Cooper (the “Sexiest Man in Broadcast News” looks more like Spencer Tracy).

But Brown with a fig leaf?

Who’s your customer?

Maybe members of both parties, who are buying the doll for, er, different reasons.

There are other Scott Brown dolls to choose from for Brown fans who don’t want to scare their children. The “2012 Executive” doll displays Brown in a fancy suit, and the “Everyman” action figure has the doll adorned in jeans and a t-shirt bearing the phrase “Driving a Truck to DC—Priceless”. Each doll is $35, and from the looks of them, I suspect the profit margins are pretty darn high. Boys who grew up taunting their sisters by tearing off Barbie’s head (I know of what I speak) will make short order of these hero dolls.

As for Democrats, there are other action figures here for you, including one of President Obama which even speaks. No, he does not come in an adults-only version.

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