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Barney Frank Named 'Porker of the Year'

He can bring home the bacon.


Da DA da da.

Fry it up in a pan.

Da DA da da.

Cause he’s a congressman —

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has earned the distinction of "Porker of the Year"from the group Citizens Against Government Waste.

With 49 percent of the votes, Frank beat out Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Calif. Rep. Maxine Waters, who came in 2nd and 3rd, and the write-in vote, President Barack Obama.

The group likes to make a splash with crazy stunts like live pigs at a press conference (Oh, that reminds me: If you see Barney Frank, tell him a man in a pink pig suitwould like to speak with him) but they take their message about government waste pretty seriously.

Frank earned the distinction for his role as House financial-services committee chairman during the worst financial crisis in decades. The group says he took no responsibility for the crisis despite making bone-headed comments like, "Let’s roll the dice on subsidized housing" in a 2003 New York Times article, then suggesting earlier this year that it was time to scrap Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and "leave it to the government."

"He became a kind of a poster child for the financial meltdown," a spokeswoman for the group said. "For many, he’s a porcine representation of wasteful spending in Washington," she added.

(Oh yeah. She really said "porcine.")

"When it comes to pork, Barney Frank has committed indulgences that are the budgetary equivalent of Vosges bacon chocolate," said Alyx Kaczuwka, a bacon lover and author of the blog, referring to the chocolate-covered-bacon delicacy.

Barney Frank Porker of the Year

Past recipients including Rep. John Murtha, the defense-appropriations subcommittee chair who became so famous for his power plays and back-room deals that an area of the House floor became known as “Murtha’s Corner,” in 2007 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2008 for their outstanding achievements in the porcine arts including "National Plumbing Industry Week" and "National Day of the Cowboy."

When reached for comment, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, the masterminds behind and bacon envelopes had this to say:

J&D’s Foods would like to congratulate our pork-loving leader of the House Financial Services Committee Congressman, Barney Frank. We rally behind you crying ‘WE WANT BOAR IN 2010!’ So here’s to you, Porker of the Year, champion of the swine, defender of the pig, stuffer of the hog and protector of the other white meat. Congressman Frank, we salute you."

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