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Buy Into This 'Attractive' Long-Term Play: Chief Investor

The major indices pushed higher on Tuesday, but how long will the rally last — and where are the headwinds for investors? Thomas Karsten, president and chief investment officer of Karsten Financial, shared his insights.

“I don’t think the fear is behind us,” Kartsten told CNBC.

Afternoon Market Check

Karsten said many small business owners are especially worried about the negative tone coming from Washington in the last couple of weeks.

“That contributes to the selloff we saw over the last couple of weeks,” he said.

However, based on positive earnings reports in the last month from a slew of companies, Kartsen said the news could be an indication of a continued market rally.

Karsten said he likes the energy sector and sees good fundamentals in North American natural gas.

“Natural gas has added thousands of jobs to the community…some of that can get some traction as we go forward, because a lot of the focus from the administration is on job creation,” Karsten said.

“There are other factors to consider as far as strengthening our national security by having more domestic energy supply.”

“Rather than a short-term play on inflation, we see it as a long-term fundamental that is very attractive,” he said of the sector.

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