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‘Corporate Shams’—Evaluating Those Annual Evaluations

Ok, I admit it, this is one of those "all about me" posts.

But I think you all can relate/enjoy.

Earlier when I opened my mail, I got another new book - but this one caused me to burst out laughing. The book - "GET RID OF THE PERFORMANCE REVIEW! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing – and Focus on What Really Matters" couldn't have come at a better time.

I even did my very best Norma Rae and showed off the bookto my colleagues who also joined me in the laughfest.

You see I, uh, I mean we have all just completed our self-evaluations for our annual reviews.

Talk about timing.

I hate these annual evaluations and I know I’m not alone. I’ve always believed that evaluations should be an on-going exercise not something you and a manager scramble to do at the end of the year. (Yes, I've sat on both sides of the table - as a manager doing all those reviews and as the one being reviewed.)

Apparently UCLA professor Samuel Culbert agrees with me. In his new book, "Get Rid of the Performance Review"  he writes, “It’s time to finally put the performance review out of its misery. This corporate sham is one of the most insidious, most damaging, and yet most ubiquitous of corporate activities.”

But the book is more than just a whining litany of what’s wrong with the performance reviews. Culbert offers up some suggestions on what could be, “a road map to a truly progressive, enlightened approach to the relationship between bosses” and the rest of us.

The pay-off according to Culbert – happier employees and corporations that get better results.

Hmmm, something we can all talk about at our reviews.

If you need some ideas of what NOT to say to your employees - here's a great 101 for managers:

And if you're looking for some tips on what NOT to write down in your self-evaluation, check this out from our friends across the pond.

What do you think?


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