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Mad Mail: Cramer Sours on SanDisk

Hey Jim: I have been struggling with Hewlett-Packard for over a year. I am in the Army Reserves on active duty. Every time I have to call Hewlett-Packard for support, I am put on hold, given the run around and eventually hung up on. I don't know how a company can be so highly rated by you, but have such bad customer service. -Mike

Cramer says: “This was disheartening to me. Mr. Hurd is a fantastic CEO..I am betting your incident was an isolated one. Thank you for serving...This is not a reason to sell. I think Mike had a bad experience. It does happen with every company.”


Jim: I am pretty new to trading, but I had a hunch about Netflixbecause I use it. I bought some shares, but the ups and downs kind of scare me. Should I hold or should I sell? I'm leaning towards hold. -Thanks, Barbara

Cramer Says: “They just blew out the quarter. You have a real winner on your hands…I think Netflix are winners. They defeated single-handedly Blockbuster along with the DVR. Netflix is a winner. Don’t sell it.”

Mad Mail


Hi Jim: A cold Illinois booyah. Thanks for all you sage-like advice. I bought SanDisk and thought the earnings were great at $1.18 a share when the street was expecting 69 cents. The first quarter going forward was projected to be seasonably lower, as it always is, but it should have been projected higher. Also, SNDK said their factory could be operating at 100% capacity. That sounds as good as it gets. I have just gotten a 15% haircut. What do you think for the short term and long term? -Donald

Cramer says: “The problem with everything you said was known. And then when they didn’t deliver a big upside [surprise], and then when they didn’t give a big upside tempo guidance …the stock got killed… I am done liking SanDisk. There are others that didn’t screw up.  I think you should sell your scandisk…”


Jim Cramer: Booyah from chilly Clearwater, Fla. I need some help with a speculative green play, Broadwind Energy. Their financials show steady improvement for the last four quarters, although the fourth quarter has not been reported yet. They’ve recently announced another stock offering. The CEO recently sold 15% of his holdings below the offer price. I have never seen this before. What does it mean? Should I run away? -Bob

Cramer says: “No, that offering did okay. It’s right around where the offering is. This is a pure wind play. …Don’t give up on Broadwind, it’s too cheap. It’s a nice call on the idea that windpower will be as big one day as Obama thinks.”


Booyah Jim: I noticed that the recent government slowdown in China falls directly with the Chinese New Year. Is this really a slowdown, or is this just the normal slowdown that Chinese ports experience every year leading up to the Chinese New Year? -David from South Carolina

Cramer says: “I think it’s a real slowdown. I think the government wants less lending and the government is very worried about sub prime mortgages…But remember we are very down on China now, and werel nervous about it. And we are not going to be recommending any Chinese stocks other then some Chinese wire plays in the near future.”

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