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Cramer’s Play on Toyota’s Troubles

Some people say that Honda Motor is the most likely beneficiary of Toyota Motor’s recall woes, but Cramer on Wednesday offered a different trade. He said there’s an American player even better positioned to take advantage.

“I think that Alan Mulally’s the big winner,” Cramer said of the Ford Motor CEO.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Cramer sees key similarities between Toyota and Ford cars, namely in their hybrid models. While Honda also sells comparable vehicles, the Mad Money host said that Ford right now has the inventory and “the mojo.”

Another reason Cramer’s so bullish on Ford is the “virtuous cycle,” as he calls it, that will come with this increased business. As the company’s balance sheet improves, so too will its cost to borrow, which in turn allows them to finance more cheaply and so on.

“This is a $20 stock in 2012,” Cramer said of Ford.

In other news, Cramer called PNC Financial Services Group his trade of the day. The stock seemed to stall out regardless of a strong fourth quarter, but he said that was because investors were waiting for today's secondary offering. Oil, copper, the dollar and China together have caused a less-than-stellar day in the markets – hence PNC’s near 1% decline on Wednesday – but Cramer saw the dip as an opportunity.

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