Denny's: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? Think Again.

Main Street's slow economic recovery has one restaurant chain handing out a free meal to its customers...again.

Denny's CEO on Super Bowl, Economy

Denny's, a family-style franchise, is giving away a free 'Original Grand Slam' meal, which includes two eggs, two sausages links, two strips of bacon and two pancakes, on Tuesday, Feb. 9, as a way to give back to his customers who are still facing economic hardships, Nelson Marchioli, the CEO of the Denny's franchise, told CNBC Wednesday.

"My belief is we are still suffering, my customer is still suffering in this economy. They are the ones who have lost jobs, they are the ones who have lost their homes," said Marchioli. "Wall Street may be in recovery; Main Street is not in my opinion."

Marchioli said more than 40 percent of Denny's customers are blue collar workers who earn $45,000 or less in household income.

The company started the free Grand Slam Meal program last year as a part of its marketing strategy. About two million took advantage of the Denny's free meal in 2009, Marchioli said.

Denny's will be promoting the free meal deal in a Superbowl commercial on Sunday, Feb. 7.

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