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Helping Haiti

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and UN Special Envoy to Haiti made a big push for immediate aid and sustained investment to assist the Caribbean country. Since the devastating earthquake struck the poor nation in January 12th, the death toll estimated at 170,000 and one million left homeless.

Clinton was named special envoy to Haiti last May, and has played a crucial role in the aftermath of the earthquake. He told Maria Bartiromo that the current challenge is to "meet the basic needs for food, medicine and water" and added that the "logistical problem is still great." However, he is encouraged that there are now three ports operating at Port-au-Prince and some 100 flights a day landing.

Challenges to rebuild this country however are huge, with Haiti being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere even before the earthquake hit.

Clinton's view is that the government "should take the economic plan that was guiding their actions and fold that into a damage assessment and a process to rebuild the country." He also added that every decision made to reconstruct Haiti should be part of a larger goal - to build a country that Haitians see in their future and not in their past.

Former President Bill Clinton

Investment from the private sector and international donors are key, as Haiti will need all the help it can get to rebuild its economy and create employment at home. And for the former President, this is his ultimate goal.

Liza Tan contributed to this article.



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