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Most Outrageous Entrepreneurs Ever?

I'm a big fan of the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to figure out a product people want and sell it for the highest price possible.

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But this week's headlines bring two examples of entrepreneurialism run amok. Or running in the muck.

First, a New Zealand teenager has auctioned off her virginity for $32,000. The 19-year-old woman plans to use the money to pay for college. Her parents must be so proud. The alleged virgin (no proof provided) went by the name "Unigirl", and described herself on an online bartering siteas "attractive, fit and healthy". She received 1,200 bids. I say "she", though no proof of that has been provided either.

Prostitution, you say? It is legal in New Zealand. Technically, however, the woman could argue she is not selling sex. She's selling her "virginity", whatever that may mean as a sellable product. Buyer beware.

Let's see if this deal ever gets consummated.

The second outrageous deal of the week involves a New Orleans Saints fan so desperate for Super Bowl tickets he is willing to trade a testicle for them. The man literally had the "balls" to offer one up on Craigslist, though, as of this writing, the listing has been flagged for removal.

In the listing, the man describes his testicle as:

1 available!

History of producing blond haired Caucasian males inclined towards joining the military. (1 army, 1 marine) (results may vary!)

All sales are final!!

Will complete transaction after the game! (and I'll need a ride to the airport and help on a plane!)

Pictures/documentation available upon request.

No perverts!!!!!

Email for additional information!

The man told radio hosts Kevin and Bean on LA's KROQ that he has yet to receive any offers. Mostly, he's gotten requests for pictures, despite his warning against "perverts". Kevin and Bean pressed him as to whether he'd follow through if tickets became available, since he won't have the testicle removed until after Sunday's game. He says he is serious, and the reason it must wait until after the Super Bowl is that it's a little late to find a doctor, have the procedure, and recover in time to comfortably hop a plane to Miami.

Would anyone want such a prize? Listeners called in and claimed they would.

My question, which one of these deals is worse?

To offer up one's virginity to the highest bidder, or to sacrifice part of one's manhood for a football game? On the one hand, the teenager could probably offer up her virginity several times, whereas the man could only make his offer twice, though you'd know he's not lying. She wants the money to go to college, while he wants the tickets to see a team he's loved his whole life finally meet its destiny. Can you really say one is more outrageous and offensive than the other?

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