Funny Business with Jane Wells

Does This 'Hug' Go Too Far?

The Funny Business Product of the Week, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Why bother her with flowers (again) when you can send her a Hug E Gram?

A what?

Is a Hug E Gram a strange man who shows up at your door to give you a hug?


But maybe worse.

Hug E Grams are bendable "arms" you can wrap around yourself. See how they work in this video.

The "arms" are covered in sleeves attached to Mickey Mouse-style gloves, and they bend easily around your body.

"Even when you can't be with them, they can still experience your loving embrace," the video says.

Buyers can record a personalized message which will be embedded in the arms and can be played with the touch of a button.

A body pillow can't do that!

The Hug E Gram come in "three stylish colors": black, red, and salmon.

Because certain hugs just don't embrace you unless they're salmon.

The product costs $29.95 and comes with some wooden roses (which never die!). The Web site includes a testimonial from a woman suffering from breast cancer. I bet she could use a lot of hugs. Except she didn't receive a Hug E Gram. She sent her husband, who got depressed after losing his job because he had to take care of her.

Would you buy one?

Would you want one?

Certainly some people will consider this a wonderful gift from the heart. As for me, I may buy one just to freak out my husband, though he really could use a hug for putting up with me.

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