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The First CEO to Quit Via Twitter—and It’s a Haiku!

It’s fitting that the first CEO to start a blog is also the first CEO to quit via Twitter.

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After a string of Tweets about corporate milestones, strategic direction and that Silicon Valley mantra “This technology may change the world as we know it” — Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz ( did change the world as we know it:

He became the first CEO of a major company to quit via Twitter.

Not one to rest on a single shocking act of digital trailblazing (remember, this is the guy who made “open source” a household word), he went one better and made it a haiku:

Financial crisis
Stalled too many customers
CEO no more

That's brilliant, Jonathan. But if I may, I'd like to suggest an edit:

Financial crisis
The ponytail doesn't lie
CEO no more

(Apparently, when he and some friends started their first company, they vowed not to cut their hairuntil the venture was profitable.)

Source: Twitter

His resignation wasn’t a huge surprise after Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, no fan of Schwartz, said in an interview last week that he expected Schwartz to resignrather than play a role in the combined company after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, the New York Times reported.

Nor was his decision to Tweet his resignation, if you’ve been following Schwartz as closely as the Times has: He was the first CEO of a major company to put up a blog (, the paper reports, and also pressed the SEC to take blogs as seriously as press releases and SEC filings for corporate disclosure.

Though, I don’t think even the Times expected it to be in haiku form.

You got us there, Schwartzy!

He offered little insight into what’s next other than to say he planned to spend time with his family and he hears there may be some interesting opportunities on that series of tubes, the Internet.

Might we also suggest a book of haiku?

Wait, better yet, an online, open-source book of haiku!

You have to keep clicking to see the latest incarnation.

Do you hear that sound?
The cha-ching of ad dollars
Sun rises again.

(Alternative ending: Screw you, Ellison.)

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