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Natural Gas' Friend-Buddy-Pal in Washington

Act Natural

In this incredibly difficult and misleading market the Mad Money host reminded viewers to fall back on long-term themes that aren't susceptible to stocks' volatility, and Cramericans know one of his favorites is natural gas.

For the last two decades the natural gas stocks have been some of the most amazing outperformers in the market, but there are a number of obstacles coming out of Washington to stunt their growth, whether it's cap-and-trade or attempts to overregulate hydraulic fracturing.

For this reason Cramer turned to John Sullivan, the Republican congressman from Oklahoma’s first district. Since this state accounts for 10 percent of the total natural gas production in this country, Sullivan understands how important this fuel is and has pushed a bill through the House that would expand research and development into natural gas engines. He is also the lead Republican sponsor and co-author of the NAT GAS Act of 2009, creating tax credits for automakers that manufacture natural-gas vehicles available in America, as well as for consumers who purchase them.

Watch the video for Cramer's full interview with Congressman John Sullivan.

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