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Tiger and Google: The Spoof

It was a collective "awwwww" moment, when the "how to assemble a crib" came up at the end of the Google Super Bowl commercial.

It's more like a collective "arrrrrgggghhh" as you watch the spoof ad from the folks at Slate V, taking the romantic minimalism of Google , and shrink-wrapping it around the horrible turn of events befalling Tiger Woods.

Watch this clip and for once, you're happy you're not Tiger.

The Zales bit is great; the Jeter STDs query not so much.


Sure the Google ad had been around since November, enjoying 1 million views on YouTube so far.

But you gotta hand it to Slate: they didn't know this was going to be turned into a Super Bowl ad until the last few days and they were able to create this.

Tiger and his image people are now having to deal with another OMG moment.

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