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Mad Mail: Cramer Is Sticking With Apple

Jim: A big old booyah from the Granite State, Hooksett, NH. A friend of mine turned me on to your show about six weeks ago and thanks to my DVR, I have not missed a single episode. I've been in Mattel for 18 months now and I am within eight points of getting back to even. Should I stay the course and break even or should I take my lumps now and just move on? Thank you very much for the most entertaining stock education in my life! -Sincerely, Bruce

Cramer says: "...It's not as good as Hasbro . ...But Mattel is not a bad stock. But I surprised it fell as much as it did frankly."


Booyah! My portfolio was down 10% in January due to GAGA and is making me go wah wah. Should I get out until the big boys are done with their selling? -Thanks, John in CA.

Mad Mail

Cramer says: "This is in reference to Google , Apple , Google, Apple...I do not think it's time to exit Apple. I did downgrade my price target for Google because I did not foresee the fight that it would have with the Chinese government. Which to me has been a true negative. So I can't like Google as much as I did. I do like Apple every bit as much. ...It's a fact change, change the story."


Cramer: This is kind of interesting, if not funny. There is a town called Cramerton in North Carolina. That said, what do you think about Atmel Corp.? This company designs and manufactures microcontrollers and radio frequency components. -Jerry

Cramer says: "I do not like ATML as much as I like Skyworks Solutions which has had a very consistent record..."


Booyah Jim: You have been very bullish with Nucor because of the dividend and the strong possibility of strong steel demand with an economic recovery. However, with the recent selloff of steel, I was wondering if I made the smart move when I pulled the trigger at $39 per share in search for stocks with stronger yield support. -Brandon from CA

Cramer says: "I reiterate that Dan DiMicco who runs the best steel company in the world. By the way a place that has delievered consistencey; is doing the best job in the situation where the Chinese is not being our friends and where there is no infrastructure build-out done by the government."

Cramer's charitable trust owns Apple.

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