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Disney Readies for Apple iPad Greatness

Apple iPad
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Last night on Disney's conference call, CEO Bob Iger called Apple's iPad a "game changer; but to CNBC viewers this wasn't much of a surprise.

Sure, we broke that news that Iger had made the trek from Southern to Northern California to be on hand personally forSteve Jobs' keynote unveiling the device. I caught up with Iger exclusively after the event and asked him just how important this device could be for Disney. He told me you can't underestimate what its impact can be, and you can't underestimate just how important new technology and new forms of content distribution are for the Disney brand.

Iger again mentioned how a new version of ESPN's ScoreCenter app, currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Disney's children's book publishing business, could be instant beneficiaries of the new iPad . We only ran a single bite from that interview with Iger, but the full 4-minute interview takes on brand new relevance today, thanks to the starring role iPad played on Disney's conference call with analysts last night. This is very compelling stuff, and shows that while reviews of the device might have been mixed upon its initial release, big media, including Disney, The New York Times and so many others, are scrambling to take advantage of the capabilities and the possibilities.

Iger on iPad

Jobs, of course, is Disney's biggest shareholder.

But Iger's excitement about this product is much more than merely buttering up a big shareholder.

Watch this interview and you can see something burning in his eyes about just how big a deal iPad might be for Disney.

Interesting stuff.

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