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Is Apple Killing Adobe?

Cramer used the start of Mad Mail to check in on three stocks he highlighted in last week's Game Plan.

L-1 Identity Solutions , an underperformer for which Cramer had high hopes, is up 11% after yesterday's earnings report. The company announced it was exploring strategic alternatives, which had Wall Street wondering if management was putting L-1 up for sale. That was enough to get L-1 out of Cramer's doghouse.

FLIR Systems took a 7.6% hit after reporting an inline quarter with weaker-than-expected guidance. Cramer said he's sticking with this stock, calling the dip a buying opporunity, because FLIR is still a top-tier counterterrorism play.

Gameplan Preview

Lastly, there's Vulcan Materials , which was supposed to give us an idea of Washington's stimulus spending plans. Not only did VMC report a disappointing quarter, but management also said that it doesn't yet know when that government money will kick in. Cramer saw that as a sign that it was unsafe to bank on the infrastructure stimulus.

Now for mail...

Jim: A big Appalachian State Mountaineer booyah! You have highlighted so many good natural gas companies, but how are we homegamers supposed to keep track? Could you make a nat. gas index and help us stay abreast of all their major success and shortfalls? Thanks for all you do to help keep us in the game. -David in North Carolina

Cramer says: "Here's what I'm going to promise to you, Dave: I'm not going to do a regular index, which has good and bad. I'm just going to do the best 10 companies."


Jim: You're the man! Apple's iPhone and iPad do not support Adobe Systems' Flash. Instead, they are pushing HTML5, a new video format that uses less processor power, improves battery life, and has faster download speeds. Do you see any pin action here for AAPL and will this force the industry to switch ahead of schedule? -Stout in California

Cramer says: "This shocked me to the core...I now am more worried about Adobe. Why? Because I think the iPad's going to be the biggest. I think it's going to be huge."


Jim: You have mentioned the lack of attention to natural gas by the administration on many episodes of Mad Money. Why not try to get someone from the administration to speak on the subject on your show? Maybe Energy Secretary Chu? It would be interesting to hear his answers to your questions regarding natural gas as a beneficial and clean fuel. -George

Cramer says: "Memo to staff: I would love to have someone on. I'd also like a Western governor on. Why? Because the Western governors got together today to petition to Washington about why natural gas isn't being used more. So let's get some pols on and talk about it."

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