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Fast Funds: New Triple Leveraged ETFs From Proshares

Looking to boost your bets -- big-time? Proshares has introduced a new class of super-charged ETF's just for you!

Talk about some really fast funds. These super-charged ETF's offer three times the returns as compared to the standard ETF pegged to the same index.

Confused? Say you're really bullish on blue chips. In fact you want a fund that gets you 300% of the return of the Dow . Now, you can take a long position in the (UDOW). And that's not all. You can do the same for the Nasdaq 100, the Russell and the S&P 400. Take a look:

New Leveraged ETFs
Ultra-LONG (3x) ETFs
*       Nasdaq 100 (TQQQ)
*       DJIA 30 (UDOW)
*       S&P 400 (UMDD)
*       Russell 2000 (URTY)

But these funsd aren't  just for bulls. If you’re a big bear, Proshares has developed new ultra-short ETF’s just for you.

New Leveraged ETFs
Ultra-SHORT (3x) ETFs
*       Nasdaq 100 (SQQQ)
*       DJIA 30 (SDOW)
*       S&P 400 (SMDD)
*       Russell 2000 (SRTY)

* Of course, these ETFs move in both directions. A winning bet is 3 times as profitable and a losing bet is 3 times as much the loss.

Fast Funds

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