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Hirschhorn: Trading Is a Brees

Hirschhorn: Trading is a Brees

(Video: Market coach Doug Hirschhorn, PhD, advises investors on how to trade like a Super-Bowl-winning QB.)

Last November, three-time Super Bowl winner and legendary quarterback, Tom Brady, described Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, as a player who really loves the game, throws a great ball, is really good mechanically and a great worker.

Last week, we watched Brees hit all four of those characteristics and deliver an A-caliber performance as he led the Saints to their first ever Super Bowl victory. I’ve found the similarities between trading and sports are remarkable, which is why I believe there are some great lessons we can take from Brees and apply to the trading world.

  1. First, he loves the game Just like Brees loves football, great success in trading starts with passion. Passion is what keeps you motivated during the long season and it’s what will keep you pushing through disappointing trades.
  2. He throws a great ball With an 82% pass completion rate in the Super Bowl, his consistency separates him from other great quarterbacks. As a trader, you have to consistently make great trades. Sometimes they’ll make money and sometimes they won’t. All that really matters is that you continue to execute great trades.
  3. Third, Brees is very good mechanically For the trader, this means having a solid process in place—one you can lean on in hard times and exploit in good times. If your mechanics are solid, then, over the course of the season, your results will speak for themselves and set you apart from the pack.
  4. Finally, Brees is a great worker In trading, just like football, there’s no substitute for hard work. Brees didn’t make it to the top of the NFL by taking short cuts or putting in a part-time effort. If you want to be “A+,” you have to put in “A+” effort. That means waking up early and doing your pre-market work. It also means you have to stay on top of market news, map out your game plan and do your daily journals.

Thank you Brees and Brady for this week’s trading lesson.

Think better, invest smarter.