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What Health-Care Reform Means to Walgreen

Spotlight on Walgreens

Walgreen hasn’t let its massive US footprint get in the way of finding new strategies for growth, Cramer pointed out on Tuesday. Regardless of the company’s 7,665 locations in all 50 states, Walgreen has shifted its focus to a restructuring, as it looks to lower operating costs and create a better shopping experience for its customers.

“This is a big complicated turnaround story that’s still in its early innings,” Cramer said, so investors should keep an eye on WAG.

There is a potential hiccup in Walgreen’s plans, though. Health-care reform could affect drug prescriptions, a big part of this company’s business. That’s why Cramer invited CEO Gregory Wasson onto “High Noon” today. The Mad Money host needed to know more about the impact that reform could have on WAG and its execution on that restructuring plan.

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