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Cramer’s Power Play

Starting off Wednesday’s Stop Trading!, Cramer told viewers that Jarden is one of the top importers in the US, ranking 14 on a list of companies making their products overseas and bringing them here via container-carrying ships. This probably won't come as much of a suprise to viewers, but it's cheaper to outsource that production work to other countries. But the practice leaves the US is a bit of a lurch, contributing to an already outsized deficit with our trading partners.

That makes Jarden “part of the trade imbalance," Cramer said.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Next up, the company Whole Foods Market . Even though they are in a short squeeze, Cramer said, the shorts missed that WFMI “is the best [place] to take food home from.” In fact, he thinks this is the key reason the company “made their quarter.”

And even with the Shaw Group being a player in the two nuclear power plants that will be built with federal loan guarantees, Cramer thinks the company URS is the better play right now.

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