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11 Tech Stocks to Gain on PC Growth: Experts

Hewlett-Packard reported results and an outlook that outstripped what Wall Street was expecting. Which smaller companies will benefit from HP’s surge? Rob Sanderson, director of research at ABR Investment Strategy, and Scott Kessler, senior director of IT equity research at Standard & Poor's, shared their views.

Benefiting From the Tech Ripple

“You have secular growth in PCs,” Kessler told CNBC.

“The average PC is far older than it should be and it should be replaced.”

Kessler said the strengthening economy provides a good tailwind to all the companies in the PC supply chain.

In the meantime, Sanderson also expects good unit growth in PCs to continue.

“We really haven’t seen any enterprise cycle kick in," Sanderson said.

He said "companies like HP and Microsoft" expect "this corporate refresh to maybe kick in during the second half of the year.”


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Micron Technology



Western Digital



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Factset Research  

Nice Systems  

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MEMC Electronic Materials  

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