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Equities, Banks Look 'Amazing' Long-Term: Strategist

Stocks rebounded off a weak open on Thursday. How should investors be positioned? Mark Matson, founder and chief executive of Matson Money, and Larry Nusbaum, chief operating officer at Vertex Fund, shared their market strategies.

“Equities are amazing long-term, so don’t try to time it short-term,” Matson told CNBC.

He diversifies risk by investing globally and via stock allocation.

Market Edge

Emerging markets in our portfolio is up 9 percent last year,” he explained.

"One of the best way to diversify your portfolio is to have high book-to-market value stocks," Matson continued.

"We’re relatively high in financials and consumer goods right now, versus the S&P."

In the meantime, Nusbaum said investing in commodities—especially gold, silver and platinum—is the way to go.

“I like the actual gold bullion,” he said. “If you can get a discount, if you can look at a trend and buy Comex or futures, you can’t go wrong…I would pay a little bit of a premium to sleep nights rather than shoving dollar bills into my pillow. I just don’t see the dollar as a bet, or the euro or any international currencies.”

Nusbaum recommended the consumer staples for investors looking into equities.

“I’d focus on the consumer staples like Kraft , P&G —places you know are going to be here tomorrow,” he said. “We don’t need long-term risky investments.”

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