NBC's Mobile Audience Surges for Olympics: Zucker

More people are using mobile to get information about the Olympics than ever before, Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal, told CNBC Thursday.

NBC's Ratings Gold

"Digital use has exploded here in Vancouver," said Zucker. "The mobile use is clearly growing dramatically and that is going to continue to inform what we put out there, what we make available on mobile."

Zucker said NBC, the parent company of CNBC, will use the 2010 Winter Olympics to gauge how to implement mobile applications for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Another digital trend the broadcasting company has noticed during the Olympics is a hike in Web site traffic, especially during work hours.

"Their use of our online applications goes up dramatically, which makes a lot of sense, clearly people are seeking out our highlights and information when they are at work," said Zucker.

The network has already seen more web traffic during the 2010 Winter Olympics than it did during the entire 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, Zucker said.

"People are consuming events, like the Olympics in all new ways, and we are seeing that great success," said Zucker.

NBC's broadcasting side has also seen a hike in ratings during winter games, a sign that indicates the model for broadcast is not broken, Zucker said.

"Broadcast is healthy. You put on events that people want to watch, and programs that people want to watch, the viewers are there," said Zucker. "The marketplace looks pretty healthy and pretty strong, so we're cautiously optimistic right now."