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What Tiger SHOULD Say Tomorrow

Tiger Woods

Hello World.

It was almost 14 years ago that I uttered those very words to you to announce my debut into professional golf. Today, it obviously comes with a much different tone.

Today, I stand before you and reintroduce myself because it is time to tell you what happened to me and how my life got out of control.

It is finally time because I have taken care of the issues that led to my downfall. I have apologized to my wife and have started to take the steps to save our marriage, and now it's time to apologize to my friends, my sponsors and my fans.

There have been many stories about me over the past three months. Many of them have been false, but many of them have been true. I'm not going through a list and address each name and my relationship with them, but I will say that I was unfaithful to my wife and there is no excuse for this.

All I can say is that I felt like I was as invincible as I was on the golf course. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing would catch up to me.

Well, it did and I've learned a lifetime full of lessons from it.

I'm here today not only to announce my return to golf, but to announce my return to being the man that my parents brought me up to be. The man that my wife Elin married. And the man that my young children thought daddy was.

Tiger's Tale

I know this has been hard on my sponsors. They were paying me to be the ultimate spokesperson on and off the course and I disappointed them. To Nike , Electronic Arts , Golf Digest, Tag Heuer and Upper Deck, thank you for sticking by my side. I would like to announce that I will make an unprecedented gesture to give my services to them for free for this year.

To my fans -- I'm sorry. I let you down. This is not the Tiger that you knew. I am embarrassed by my behavior and I am dedicated to gaining back your trust. I hope you will give me a second chance.

Thank you.

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