Catching Tiger by The Tail … or Is It Tale?

Brian A. Shactman, CNBC
Getty Images

Reporting on the ground from where Tiger Woods is expected to make a public statement today feels a little like Waiting for Godot.

It's a media zoo surrounding this otherwise quiet Florida community, yet we really don’t know what we are covering.

No questions. No access. No idea what might be said.

I spoke at length with a senior PGA official late Thursday night. He told CNBC that Tiger has not entered any PGA events or expressed interest in playing in any. He also told me that the announcement has more to do with Woods’ rehab schedule rather than the Tour’s playing schedule.

If Tiger is in some sort of 12-step therapy program, this public statement may simply be part of the process. So, it doesn’t directly have to do with playing, but the two are not far from each other. Put simply, to play golf again, Tiger has decided to honor—at least formally—the rules of rehab.

The sooner he gets the rehab done, the sooner he can play.

On the other side of that debate, I have talked with a lot of golf writers who say that they still don’t see him returning to golf that soon. Many back up what PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem indicated late Thursday—that Tiger is going back to rehab after this announcement.

So, whether it’s an apology or another well-crafted mea culpa, it seems quite unlikely that he’ll tell us anything specific as to when he’ll return to golf.