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Hot Comfort Food Stocks with Upside: Analyst

Tyson, Hormel , and SandersonFarms all hit one-year highs this month. What’s making shoppers stick to these comfort foods and is there more upside to come?

Food Stocks on a Roll

Heather Jones, consumer and agribusiness analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, shared her insights.

“I would attribute the strong performance to a much improved earnings outlook, which is a function of several factors: much lower fee cost, much tighter supply across the board for all the proteins, as well as improved export demand for, especially, beef and pork,” Jones told CNBC.


Jones favors Tyson and Sanderson .

He has a “hold” rating on Smithfield .

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BB&T Capital Markets has clients who own shares of TSN, SFD and SAFM.

An affiliate of BB&T Capital Markets received compensation from Smithfield Foods and Tyson Foods for products or services other than investment banking services during the past 12 months.