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A full agenda on Closing Bellas Maria Bartiromo report live from Washington today. It’s all about the economy, the consumer, jobs… jobs… jobs and healthcare.

National Governors Association held their annual meeting over the weekend.

Bartiromo hosted a panel among the governors, the top issue: economy. Governor James Douglas, Republican from Vermont, who is also the chairman of the National Governors Association and Governor Brian Schweitzer, Democrat from Montana will join us this afternoon to talk about redesigning states in this post-recession economy. Douglas says most states to continue to struggle saying that the economic health in most states is still “fairly poor.” Douglas warns, “the worst probably is yet to come.” Governors met with President Obama today to ask for more aid.

Unemployment continues to be a key concern for the governors. We’ll sit down with the labor secretary, Hilda Solis and get a better idea what our government plans to do to improve the job market.

Today’s new credit card rules take effect. Austan Goolsbee, Staff Director and Chief Economist of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board will join us to explain what these new rules mean for the consumer. Basically the new rule mean that credit card companies can no longer retroactively increase rates or increase rates in the first year you open an account, charge misleading late fees or use over-limit fee traps. Sounds good on the surface right? We’ll dig deeper into the issue to make sure that the consumer is protected.

Last but not least, healthcare. The recession has also taken a big toll on healthcare. Nancy Brinker, Founder & CEO of Susan G. Komen For The Cure says the recession is taking a toll on federal and state programs.

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