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"Miracle On Ice" Still A Hot Seller

Thirty years ago, the United States beat Russia in an Olympic hockey game now dubbed “The Miracle on Ice.” We spoke to Howard Schwartz of Grandstand Sports, who has exclusive rights to “Miracle” memorabilia.

Darren: Why are people so connected to the “Miracle” moment?

Schwartz: “I think not only from a sports standpoint was it so significant but also from a political and American standpoint being that it was during the Cold War. Very rarely can you own an item on your wall and really say, “I know where I was when.” This is one of those moments. I still have chills going up my body every time I see the picture and I've met all 20 players and I've met the coach and I've watched the movie. Every time you think about the incredulous victory that they had, defeating the powerhouse Soviet Union and then beating Finland in the gold medal game – it’s just one of those moments that will last forever.”

Darren: How hard is it to get the team together to sign?

Schwartz: “Just think about it from a common sense standpoint. If you want to do a signing with a particular team that is active today, this team travels together, it would be very simple to do a signing with the New York Giants or the Indianapolis Colts. They’re all together in one room now. You try going out and lining up 20 guys that live in Wisconsin and Boston and Chicago and New York. Guys have gone on to their lives and their careers. It’s not easy rounding up these guys, which is why these particularly Olympic memorabilia collectibles will have incredible value for years to come and now and there's such a finite amount of team signed items available.”

Darren: What kind of “Miracle” items do you sell?

Schwartz: We offer individual signed celebration photos ($699) that are signed by every player on the team who is alive today. In addition to those photos, we have the podium shot, which is when Mike Eruzione called up his entire team. We also have beautiful 1980 USA jerseys signed ($999) and a goalie stick ($999) signed by all 20 of the players, including goalie Jim Craig.

Darren: Coach Herb Brooks died in 2003, how rare are signed items with his signature?

Schwartz: It’s extremely rare. The items signed by Herb with the team go for about quadruple what the individual items signed today. We do not have many left and it’s something I would highly recommend it being in any collection.

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