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Mr. Buffett: 'For a Million-Seven, You Can Call Me Warren'

Warren Buffett hosts charity lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York City.  Salida Capital CEO Courtenay Wolfe is at the far left in this screen grab from CNBC video.

Warren Buffett is in New York City today to host the high bidders from last year's "lunch of a lifetime" charity auction.

Canada's Salida Capital paid $1.68 million for the steak meal at in Manhattan.

The real attraction, of course, is the opportunity to have nine guests ask Buffett questions, with no subject out of bounds.

Buffett told CNBC's Brian Shactman today there's no time limit.  "This is their afternoon.  If they have 500 questions, it's great with me."

Oracle of Omaha's Food for Thought

During our pre-lunch taped interview with Buffett and Salida CEO Courtenay Wolfe, Buffett noted she had called him "Mr. Buffett."  With a laugh, he told her, "For a million-seven, you can call me Warren." 

While the price tag was lower than the previous year's $2.1 million, Buffett tells us its still a lot of money, enough to pay for 500,000 meals for the disadvantaged.

San Francisco's is the beneficiary of the annual Buffett lunch auction. 

Bidding for this year's auction on eBay begins on June 6 and closes on June 11.

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