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Market Tips: Avoid Cash, Fixed Income Assets

Global stocks saw red Wednesday as investors awaited a congressional testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Experts told CNBC that cash and fixed income assets will be the big losers over the next 10 years and that investors should buy soft commodities in the meantime.

Sidestep Cash & Fixed Income Assets

Cash and fixed income assets are going to be the losers over the next decade, believes Puru Saxena, chief executive at Puru Saxena Wealth Management. He reveals where he is parking his money, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth."

Euro Finds Support at $1.35

Thio Chin Loo, senior currency strategist at BNP Paribas tells CNBC that the euro has support at $1.35 given the extremely short positioning in the currency.

Good Time to Buy Into Grains

Fundamentals are leading prices of soft commodities, says Wayne Gordon, senior commodities analyst at Rabobank. He tells CNBC that grains offer good buying opportunities now and high sugar prices could moderate.

Deflation Still A Key Risk

Policy errors could derail the early stages of recovery and lead an economy towards deflation, says PK Basu, MD & chief economist at Daiwa Capital Markets.

Protectionism A Risk to Growth

Peter Elston, chief strategist at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia is cautiously optimistic about Asian markets this year. He tells CNBC that trade protectionism remains a key risk for the region.

Overweight Asia

Greg Bundy, vice chairman at AIMS Finance is overweight Asia, especially China and Australian banks.

Toyota Looks Attractive

Toyota looks attractive the the current price levels, says Hans Goetti, CIO at LGT Bank, barring any other skeletons in the closet.

Bullish on Australia's Healthcare Sector

Steve O'Hanna, investment manager at Fat Prophets Funds Management tells CNBC he likes the Australian healthcare sector, particularly Healthscope.

Trend Micro Sees Stronger Security Market

The global security software market is set to do better in 2010 than the year before, says Mahendra Negi, CFO and COO at Trend Micro. He tells CNBC what factors will drive growth this year.

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