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Selling Nat Gas to Senators

Sen. Udall On Nat Gas

One of Cramer's only gripes about natural gas is its lack of representation in Washington. This commodity just doesn't have the lobbying power of its more carbon-heavy cousin, coal.

But that doesn't mean nat goes is friendless is D.C. Sure, President Obama likes to talk about almost every energy source but natural gas, but there are proponents in Congress who are trying to make this a national issue. One person in particular is Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., who has written a couple of op-eds arguing for nat gas and last week co-hosted an energy jobs summit in his home state.

Energy Revolution?

If investors want to understand this market, Cramer said during Wednesday's "High Noon," they have to understand Capitol Hill. So who better to talk to than Udall himself. Watch the video for Cramer's interview.

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