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Getty Acknowledges Photo Setup With Tiger

Tiger Woods jogs near his home.
Getty Images

Last Wednesday, two days before Tiger Woods statement, Getty Images released a photo of the golfer jogging near his Florida home.

When asked about how the photo — which dampened hopes of the paparazzi getting the first clear picture of Woods — was arranged, the folks at Getty had no comment.

Today, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and I asked Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein on "Power Lunch" how it all worked out.

On how the deal came together: "Over a long period of time, Getty Images has established itself as the gold standard in terms of not only the image quality, but the way we behave. As a result of that, we don't do paparazzi images and as a result of that, we often get a called in either for a non-profit basis like we do all the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie photos entirely non-profit...We were approached and Tiger happened to know the photographer (Sam Greenwood) and has known him for a long time."  (Click here to watch the entire interview)

On how much Getty made on the photo: "Very little because the deal that we did with them was we would make them available to the other wire agencies."

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