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Market Tips: Bernanke Comments Good for Dollar, Banks

Global stocks were mixed on Thursday as threats by credit ratings agencies to downgrade Greece overshadowed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's pledge to keep interest rates low for a long time. Experts told CNBC Bernanke's testimony was good for banks and the dollar.

Bernanke's Testimony Good News for Banks

The testimony Bernanke gave before Congress is good news for banks, says David Costa, dean at Robert Kennedy College.

Euro to Dip on Bernanke's Testimony

Euro-dollar may dip towards $1.30, believes Ray Attrill, global head of research and forecast for Australia.

Dollar Seen Gaining

Expect the dollar to gain ground Thursday, predicts Lee Wai Tuck, currency markets strategist at Forecast. He tells CNBC what is pushing the greenback higher.

Upbeat On the Dollar

Jonathan Cavenagh, currency strategist at Westpac remains long the dollar and he expects it to continue outperforming the euro, sterling and the yen.

Double-Dip 'Still in the Cards'

A double-dip recession is still in the cards, warned Robert Heller, former Federal Reserve Governor.

Nasdaq Must Break Above 2,360 to Go Higher

If the Nasdaq breaks above 2,360, the index will have an upside target of 2,600, says Daryl Guppy, CEO at, based on technical analysis. He also charts BHP Billiton.

Oil May Top $88

Based on technical analysis, NYMEX crude futures could top the $88 level, says Daryl Guppy, CEO at He also charts gold.

Fundamentals Do Not Support High Prices

Matt Zeman, trader at LaSalle Futures Group says fundamentals do not support commodities and prices will struggle to move higher once monetary stimulus runs out.

Long on China

Geoff Lewis, head of investment services at J.P. Morgan Asset Management is bullish on China in the long-run, especially financials.

Down Trend Expected for Chinese Property & Banks

There is some downside in Chinese property and banking sectors, says Andy Mantel, founder and CEO at Pacific Sun Investment Management in Hong Kong.

Alternative Way to Play China's Growth Story

Play the Japanese market as a way to gain exposure to China's growth story, suggests Pierre Gave, head of Asia research at GaveKal Holdings.

Sell on Toyota

Chris Richter, auto analyst at CLSA continues to have a "sell" rating on Toyota. He explains Toyota's troubles.

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