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The Reply Of The Tiger

Tiger Woods Makes First Statement Since Crash.
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Yesterday, Forbes had a blog that detailed online sentiment about Tiger Woods over the past couple months.

The poll by PR firm Gregory FCAshowed that feelings about Woods were actually worse after last week’s speech.

This morning, we got a poll from Turnkey Intelligence, which delves deeper into the repercussions from the Tiger speech.

While the survey showed that only 35 percent of non-golf fans thought Tiger’s speech was genuine, two of every three avid golf fans (66 percent) thought it was from the heart, while 53 percent of casual golf fans believed Woods’ words meant something.

There’s also an interesting divide along racial lines, as 69 percent of non-Caucasians thought Tiger’s speech was genuine. Compare that to only 31 percent of Caucasians who told Turnkey his statement was genuine.

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The survey also found that 87 percent of the people who thought Woods’ apology was genuine would root for him, but only 45 percent of those who didn’t like his statement said they would root for him.

Woods’ future as an endorser isn’t all negative. The poll reveals that 65 percent of avid golf fans say that would buy products endorsed by Tiger.