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Cramer: Don’t Trade the Talking Points

Cramer’s message on Friday: There’s a huge difference between the talking points coming out of both Washington and Wall Street and how stocks are actually performing. The thing for investors to remember then is that, even in what looks like a volatile time for the market, the fundamentals always win out.

The stocks that fared the best this week were also in the crosshairs of politicians and pundits, Cramer said. Congress is after the banks, yet JPMorgan Chase climbed another buck and change on Friday. President Obama held his bipartisan health-care summit, while still demonizing the insurance industry, and WellPoint today adds more than $1 to its share price.

In retail, fears of a weakened consumer clouded over what was in fact a great five days for these companies. See: Deckersand Gap, among others. No one seems to have had anything good to say about the either, but smart investors could have cashed in on a quick eight points in Apple if they bought the stock at its low point this week.

For those of you paralyzed by the headlines, Cramer said, go deeper. Consider the underlying business, and judge that rather than the whims of money managers and committee chairman. Because, again, the fundies win in the end.

“And you need to capitalize on it,” Cramer said.

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