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The Chairwoman Goes To Washington

Call it the "Obama Overhang." The markets are stuck in place this year, as uneasy investors await certainty on financial reform, future stimulus...and most of all, taxes.

And if there is anything the market hates, it's uncertainty. That's why "Fast Money" is sending Karen Finerman straight to Washington to get answers.

On Monday, March 1st, Finerman, Fast Money trader and hedge fund president, will meet face-to-face with the the man who has the President's ear on all things economic: Larry Summers -- legendary economist, former Treasury Secretary, and now Chair of the National Economic Council. From "too big to fail" to tariffs… from bonuses to Bernanke.

"Fast Money" will get the answers investors need to start putting money to work again. That's Monday on "Fast Money" at 5 PM Eastern, only on CNBC -- first in business worldwide.

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