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Portfolio Manager: We're 'All In' on Berkshire Hathaway staff

Warren Buffett told CNBC Monday that Berkshire Hathaway's businesses are "getting better," albeit at a "very, very slow pace."

Two market strategists offered their takes on Berkshire as an investment itself: Larry Coats Jr., president, chief executive and senior portfolio manager at Oak Value Capital Managment, and Vahan Janjigian, chief investment strategist at Forbes.

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Janjigian disputed a common notion re Buffett's strategy:

"Buffett is not the ultimate buy-and-hold investor."

"Yes, there are stocks in his portfolio that he's owned forever...but there also many other stocks that he does buy and sell over relatively quick period of time."

Coats is also co-manager of the Oak Value Fund, of which 7 percent is in Berkshire stock. Would he add to that?

"The answer is 'no,'" Coats said. "But you have to understand, it is our largest holding. It was a year ago and it remains so today."

"We are all in on Berkshire."

What impetus would drive him to sell it? Strictly the extreme coalescence of valuation and market conditions:

"We sold some stock in 2008, as the market was under considerable amount of pressure," he explained.

But he hastened to underscore that "there's still a significant amount of opportunity" in Berkshire. Watch the Coats interview to learn why.

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