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Where to Invest in a Jittery Market: Private Wealth Expert

In this uncertain market, hesitant investors should resist the urge to pull money off the table and instead buy into high-dividend stocks, high-yielding corporate bonds and commodities, said Joseph Poon, head of Macquarie Private Wealth Asia.

Upbeat on Banks & Media

"As the market takes a little bit of a...breather, dividends tend to be less volatile than the stock prices, so they give some sense of stability," Poon said.

Poon specifically recommended the media and telecom sectors, which have particularly high dividends, he said. He pointed to the fact that in the last 10 years, about 45 percent of investors' returns have come from dividends.

Poon also encouraged investors to buy into Asian banks, which don't have as much subprime exposure as financial firms had in the US, he said.

And as the recovery progresses and governments start raising interest rates, Poon said high-yield corporate bonds will have more stable returns than government bonds. He's also bullish on commodities, as countries work to improve their infrastructures.

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