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3 Stock Picks in 'Questionable' Countries: Portfolio Manager

There are plenty of opportunities for investors outside the U.S. borders, even in the riskier countries, said James Moffett, portfolio manager at Scout International Fund. He shared his market insight and best plays.

International Stock Picks

“We like fishing in the questionable waters at this point,” Moffett told CNBC.

“We’re looking at Greece, although our Greek play is indirect. Even Chile and Japan are all out of favor but there are good values in those areas.”

Moffett’s Recommendations:

Sociedad Quimica y Minera—"It’s growing in fertilizer production and they’re the world’s largest producer of lithium and iodine," said Moffett. "Lithium is growing for battery demands in particular and they look like a growth vehicle within the fertilizer business."

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling—"They're headquartered in Athens and it’s been the best stock in their exchange through this mess," he said. "They sell Coke from Europe to Moscow, so we think that’s a good way to play exposure to that part of the world."

Nidec Corporation—"They make the motors in hard disk drives, automated shutters in cameras and motors that go in your car," Moffett explained. "We think they’ve got a great record and they’ll continue growing."

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