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Buy Opportunities Are 'Abundant': Stock Picker

Markets advanced on Tuesday, continuing a strong performance to the start of March. Doug Sandler, co-founder of Riverfront Investment Group, and Mike Holland, chairman of Holland & Company, shared their market strategies.

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“We’re going to have tough progress getting through the 1,140 [on the S&P], but the big picture is that opportunities are abundant,” Sandler told CNBC.

“We’re finding a lot of names within equities where good 10 percent solid growers, attractive balance sheets and reasonable P/Es makes us feel like there’re lots of places to find ideas.”

Sandler said he likes companies such as IBM and wireless-device manufacturer Harris .

In the meantime, Holland pointed out that markets have been pushing upward despite some negative economic news over the past few weeks. He believes the markets could continue to head higher.

“One of the keys we’ve had recently is people like [Warren] Buffett buying Burlington Northern and selling bonds and that’s a good asset allocation to mimic,” he said.

In particular, Holland likes natural gas. (See:NatGas & Oil Prices Now)

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